bones and consciousness.

Matter cannot be created, or destroyed.

We really are nothing but stardust, that's all.

my family and friends are trying to encourage me to renounce my vegetarian diet. aside from the terrible truth that they cannot accept me for myself it also hurts that they do not understand what it is actually doing to my head. there are many reasons as to why i do not eat meat, it is better for the environment, better for my body, and in the end i am not eating the skin and muscles of other once living animals. all of the arguments on this diet show that not eating meat is actually the better way to go.

i am honestly at a major roadblock. it has gotten to the point that being called a ‘faggot’ by peers and having my parents pleading for me to be ‘a normal daughter’ is almost out weighing my own moral values. this is really awful and i don’t know what to do. if i had a few more friends that also believed what i believe, it wouldn’t be so hard. i can’t imagine chewing on a piece of chicken at this point, and i most definitely will never touch red meat… but is it worth the social survival needs?

i mean, when you think about it, our key survival necessities have expanded to; food, shelter, water, space, and social well-being. so, by eating meat, am i simply helping myself survive in this social world?

  1. justa-sucker-with-no-self-esteem answered: my family is the same way. they think i’m weird. for what? wanting to be healthy and have decent morals? stay strong and be yourself:)
  2. skylarktakemethere answered: :( my roommates call me a hipster and make fun of me all the time. they’re the ones who are missing out on their health and well being
  3. corona--graminea answered: Move somewhere like here where there are more vegetarians than you could count, like me
  4. notusingkbye answered: “Always stand up for what you believe in…even if it means standing alone.” ― Kim Hanks
  5. whiskey-cupcakes said: While I am not a vegetarian, I feel about this like I feel about most things…do what you want, you not eating meat isn’t hurting them, they need to lay off. I might tease my vegan friends, but I would never pressure them to eat meat. Blech.
  6. emollience answered: <3
  7. pa-radise-xx answered: im a vegetarian to& at first my mom&my friends didnt accept that i was but i just stuck with what i believed in& eventually they did:)
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